Tie Bar Finish:

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Total Characters: 0
Price: $999.99


When putting together a custom combo, you can choose from seven high-quality materials. This will be applied to the characters in your combo as well as the backing bars, unless you choose a VHB® Black backing, as described below.

The backing of the custom combos can either be the same color as the lettering or feature VHB® Black high contrast backing, to enable your combo to be read easily at a distance.

Choose between single for a one-sided custom combo, or double to mirror the design on both sides of your uniform's collar. This means if you choose the double configuration, you will actually receive two pieces!

If you only desire one collar insignia, make sure to change the configuration to single. The default is a pair.

Custom combos come in several different styles, each with a different font and size. Some of these styles are alphabetical only, and some are numerical only. The restrictions are noted in the drop-down menu, and automatically applied to your chosen text.

Collar Insignia and Tie Bars
Standard custom combos feature two backing bars. Collar Insignia have a twelve character limit, and the only restriction on character type is defined by each style. Typically you can have letters and numbers, with a dot character (.), in any combination. Dot characters may count against your character space limit but do not add to the cost of your custom combo.

Tie bars have a single backing bar and feature four characters on a single bar. They are also available in two finishes: polished or satin. Tie bars are only available as single units, not pairs. They also are one set price based on the selected finish. They do not vary based on the number of characters.

Other Information
The period character used in acronyms will not count against your character limit for pricing. However, it may restrict the amount of characters you can fit in your custom combo.

The price of your custom combo will update automatically as you change options and type in text.


Tie Bars
Single Color $31.90
Black Backed $40.00